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Z&M Coconut Water is good any time of the day.

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    Z&M Coconut Water is good any time of the day.

    Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digested carbohydrate in the form of sugar and electrolytes. Coconut water is the clear liquid in the center of the fruit that is tapped from young, green coconuts. It has fewer calories, less sodium, and more potassium than a sports drink.

    No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavors, Low in calories, Zero Fat, Zero Preservatives, Zero Cholesterol.

    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size: 310ml
    Serving per Container: 1

    Amount Per Serving (per 100ml):

    • Energy Kj: 235Kj
    • Energy cal: 17Cal
    • Fat: 0%
    • Sugar: 4g (natural sugar)
    • Vitamic C: 4mg
    • Calcium: 10mg
    • Magnesium: 4mg
    • Potassium: 133mg


    100% Pure Coconut water

    Directions for Use

    Open and enjoy!

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